Can I pay via invoice/purchase order?

Can I pay via PayPal?

Do you offer group licenses and how do they work?

How does a subscription work? How can I subscribe?

Is there a free plan for Paperpile?


Author initials on in-text citations

How to switch citation styles

I can't find a citation style / the style I'm using is incorrect

Why do DOIs and URLs show / don't show in my reference list?


Which browsers does Paperpile support?

How can I activate beta features?

I have suggestions for new features. Will you add them?

I'm having problems or found a bug, what do I do?

Google Docs

Authorization loop in Google Docs

Can I insert multiple bibliographies in a single document?

What are citations links & how to remove them

Why do citation links in Google Docs lead to an error page?

Reference data


Paperpile is not working or behaves strange

Troubleshooting: Chrome extension

Troubleshooting: Google Docs

Troubleshooting: MS Word

Troubleshooting: PDF downloads

Troubleshooting: Problem with your network or VPN

Troubleshooting: Sharing

Using Paperpile

Export BibTeX files automatically to Google Drive, GitHub or a download link

Can I change how files are organized in Google Drive?

Can I filter the list by multiple criteria?

How can I search for specific fields?

How to use Paperpile with Overleaf

I already have my PDFs in Google Drive, can I import them directly from there?

Working with PDFs

Can I download PDFs in bulk from the Paperpile interface?

Can I open/annotate my documents in a third-party PDF reader, directly from the Paperpile interface?

What is the upload size limit? How do I upload larger files?

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