How to use Paperpile with Overleaf

Paperpile's Overleaf integration is in beta. To activate this feature for your account, go to > Settings > Feature Preview and activate Automatic BibTeX export. Learn more

You can automatically export references to a BibTeX file in your Overleaf project. Whenever you add, update, or remove a reference, the BibTeX file will be updated in Overleaf.

You can choose a folder, label, or your whole library to add to your Overleaf project.

In Paperpile

  1. Go to > Workflows and Integrations
  2. Click the Add button of the Overleaf Integration workflow
  3. Select which references you want to add to your Overleaf project. You can choose specific folders, labels, or your whole library.
  4. Click Finish
  5. Copy the link to add to Overleaf in the next steps.

In Overleaf

  1. Click the New File icon
  2. Select From External URL
  3. Paste the link in the first field.
  4. Choose a name for your BibTeX file.
  5. Click Create

6. Include the BibTeX file in your LaTeX document, e.g. \bibliography{references} . You can add the Paperpile generated BibTeX file in addition to existing BibTeX files. Just add multiple BibTeX files in your LaTeX document as \bibliography{references, other-references}.

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