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Work on products used and loved by hundreds of thousands of researchers and students worldwide.

Our user base is growing fast and so is the team around it

  • As part of a small team, everything you do matters. You only work on stuff that has a direct big impact on the product and our customers.
  • Work from anywhere on your own schedule. As a remote-first company, we communicate and collaborate with tools like Slack, Figma, and Notion to move our product forward fast.
  • Work with an interesting and diverse community of academics. Our customers use Paperpile to study climate change, cancer, or medieval history. You interact with them directly to understand how we can make their work more productive.

😊 Academics welcome. We pay special attention to applications from the academic community. With an academic background, you understand the need of our user base, bring analytical thinking, data/coding experience, communication, writing skills ... So even if you think it might not be a perfect match, we want to hear from you!

Senior Backend/Data Engineer (Node.js, TypeScript)


Your role

Our backend infrastructure stores, processes, and searches hundreds of millions of academic articles. We use Node.js, TypeScript, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, and AWS.

You will take responsibility for substantial parts of our codebase to provide a fast and reliable backend for all our products (web, mobile, desktop). You can also work on data-heavy projects, including applications of large language models and AI.


  • You can work independently and write clean, re-usable and testable code.
  • You can work and communicate within a Scrum team and produce production-ready code efficiently and on time.
  • You know Node.js, TypeScript/JavaScript, or have used a different backend stack and want to learn Node.js/TypeScript.
  • You have worked on data-heavy applications before and have experience with the required database and backend technologies.
  • You can design and implement REST APIs.

More useful experience (optional):

  • AWS, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Linux
  • Basic data science skills (web scraping, data transformations, data cleaning, data normalization...)
  • Background in research or academia
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Senior Mobile Engineer (React Native + some native experience)


Your role

You will work on a completely new version of our React Native Apps. You help to create the best possible experience for researchers to read and annotate their scientific articles on their iPads and other mobile devices.


  • You have experience with mobile UI and UX development and know how to implement performant mobile experiences.
  • You have real-world experience in TypeScript/JavaScript and React Native on iOS and Android.
  • You have basic experience with Swift/Java/Kotlin to create native modules and work with native libraries.
  • You can work independently and write clean, reusable, and testable code.
  • You can work and communicate within a Scrum team and produce production-ready code efficiently and on time.
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