Paperpile is not working or behaves strange

Note: A new version of Paperpile is coming in summer 2024. Please visit our temporary new Help Center until these pages are updated.

Paperpile is used successfully by tens of thousands of users every day. However, sometimes things don't work as expected. We have put together a quick checklist how to solve issues with the web-app and Chrome extension:

  • Restart the web application. If things behave strange, the first thing you can try is to reload the Paperpile tab and see if the problem goes away.
  • Restart the Chrome extension. Sometimes the Chrome extensions or the communication between the web-app and the Chrome extension has problems. Reload the Chrome extension as described here or close and restart Chrome completely.
  • You are logged out of Paperpile. If you are starting Paperpile from a new computer or if you haven't logged in for a long time, you may have been logged out of Paperpile. Go to the home page of  Paperpile to sign in again. Once you have signed in, try reloading your desired page or re-running your desired action. For example, the Paperpile menu won't show up in Google Docs unless you are signed in.
  • Your network connection has been lost. Paperpile requires an Internet connection to operate normally, so a slow or missing network link will disable most important operations. Try other sites or applications like Gmail to verify that there is actually a problem specific to Paperpile.
  • Paperpile servers have problems or are down. Please visit our Twitter feed  @paperpile where we post all updates in case something goes wrong on our side.

See also our other Troubleshooting guides

If you still have problems or think you have found a bug contact our support team.

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