I can't find a citation style / the style I'm using is incorrect

Paperpile supports the popular "citation style language" CSL with more than 8,000 citation styles available from citationstyles.org. This online repository is community-based and regularly updated by volunteers.

If you can't find your style, there are two options:

  1. find an identical or very similar style, or
  2. create your own style.

In both cases you can use the citation style editor available at editor.citationstyles.org. This free web-tool allows you to find and (if needed) modify existing styles to your needs.

If you have created your own CSL style, download the CSL file to your computer and upload it to Paperpile via Settings > Citation styles. The style will be available like any other in Google Docs and Word.

Visit this page for information about requesting new styles or revisions/corrections in the CSL community.

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