Automatically export BibTeX files

Automatic export of BibTeX files is in beta. To activate this feature for your account, go to > Settings > Feature Preview and activate Automatic BibTeX export. Learn more

You can automatically sync a folder, label or your complete Paperpile library to a BibTeX file in Google Drive, GitHub, or a downloadable web link.

Add a new BibTeX Export workflow

Go to > Workflows and Integrations

Click the Add button of the BibTeX Export workflow

Select the source

Select which references you want to sync to the BibTeX file. You can choose specific folders, labels, or your whole library.

Select the destination

Next, choose where the file will be synced to.

Managing BibTeX Export workflows

All your workflows will be listed in the Workflows and Integrations window. You can edit, activate/de-activate, and delete your BibTeX exports in this list.


  • You cannot export shared folders at this time.
  • Exported files are read-only. All changes you make directly to an exported BibTeX file will be overwritten when Paperpile next syncs the content. If you or your colleagues want to add or change entries manually, we suggest to use multiple BibTeX files. For example, use one automatically exported paperpile.bib file and one manual other-references.bib file. Include boht in your manuscript with \bibliography{paperpile, other-references}.

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