Introducing New Integrations With Literature Discovery Tools Part 1: Consensus

Every researcher knows that finding all the relevant papers for your literature review can be challenging. Now there are AI-powered tools that make that task easier.

Today we are excited to announce our new integration with Consensus.

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Are you ever too old to get a PhD?

We’ve often seen discussions on social media about whether or not you’re ever too old to get a PhD. This question, which we explore in this post, is more complicated than it immediately appears.

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Instructors—meet BibGuru, our citation app for students

Today we have something different for you. We have created a new app called BibGuru, a simple and streamlined citation generator specifically designed for K-12 and undergraduate students.

If you are an instructor you should read on to learn how BibGuru can help your students. If you are a Paperpile user, you also should read on and learn how some of the innovations and improvements we made for BibGuru will come to Paperpile.

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PhDs: You are Highly Employable

We speak from experience when we make this statement. Whenever we are hiring for a marketing or communications position, we find that PhDs have many traits that give them a huge competitive edge over other candidates. Here is a list of 8 of these traits.

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Notion for research and research groups

We don’t recommend productivity tools lightly. Back in 2016, we recommended Slack as a productivity tool for researchers—now companies and institutions worldwide use it.

Today, Notion feels like the Slack of five years ago.

We’ve used Notion at Paperpile since 2017 and we couldn’t live without it. In many ways, our small company of 23 people isn’t much different from a busy research group.

We’re a better team thanks to Notion and we want to share how Notion can make your research (and your life) easier.

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