Can I open/annotate my documents in a third-party PDF reader?

Note: A new version of Paperpile is coming in summer 2024. Please visit our temporary new Help Center until these pages are updated.

Not at the moment. Paperpile comes with its own reader/annotator (can be switched on web via Settings > Browser Integration) and supports Google Drive and Chrome's default viewers.

It is possible to sync via Google Drive as this cloud storage system was designed exactly for the purpose of sharing access to files between web, mobile and desktop.

We know some users manage to configure their preferred viewer as browser default and open Paperpile files there, but annotations made over there are not visible in our servers. Similar limitations exist on mobile, where application sandboxing can complicate file sharing across apps/programs further.

If you'd like to see this implemented, feel free to drop us a line via chat or email to add your +1 to the request (we consider features based on user demand).

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