Changelog — see what's new in Paperpile

We're constantly improving thanks to your feedback

May 5th 2020

  • General
    • Google Drive integration now allows to customize file names and folder structures.
  • Google Docs & Word Integration
  • PDF Viewer
    • Many bug fixes and stability improvments.
    • Copy-paste of shape annotations as images.
  • Data import

May 4th 2020

  • Paperpile for Word (private beta)
    • The app is now notarized by Apple and runs without warnings on macOS Catalina.
    • Use native window controls on macOS and Windows.
    • Various performance improvements of the user interface. Fixed window flickering and UI bugs.
    • Fix citation styles that don't generate a bibliography such as "Bluebook Inline".
    • Fix citation styles with a prefix or suffix line such as "Society for American Archaeology".
    • Various bug fixes and technical improvements behind the scenes.

March 10th 2020

  • Paperpile for Word (private beta)
    • Search articles and books online and directly cite them in your Word document. Use advanced search options to look up authors and journals or search specific fields.
    • New design for welcome and sign-in screens.
    • Keep the citation style of a document when converted to/from Google Docs.
    • Fix some Google Docs upload issues.
    • Fix localization of citation styles for some less common languages.
    • Allow the use of deprecated citation styles.
    • Limit the size of the log file.
    • Easier re-ordering of citations via drag and drop.
    • Test for correct Windows version (Windows 10) during install.
    • Various other bug fixes and optimizations.

March 3rd 2020

  • Google Docs & Word Integration
  • PDF Viewer
    • Complete UI refresh including the option to switch to dark mode.
    • Improved printing functionality.
    • Annotation summary reports are now optimized for printing and can be downloaded as separate PDF files.
    • Viewer preferences are now saved across sessions.
    • General bug fix and stability improvements including copy-paste of annotations.

February 27th, 2019

  • iOS and Android (private beta)
    • New start screens and illustrations.
    • Improvements to the main list (author abbreviations, search keyword highlights,...).
    • New design of details view including list with complete reference information.
    • Many more user interface tweaks and improvements.
    • Performance and stability improvements for the "Share with Paperpile" feature.
    • Various fixes and improvements to PDF editor and annotation sync.
    • Android: reduced app size by one third.
    • Fixed 'On your device' crash.

February 3rd 2020

  • General
    • Stability bug fixes and security updates.
  • Google Docs & Word Integration

December 17th 2019

  • Paperpile for Word (private beta)
    • Reorder citations via drag and drop.
    • Automatically merge two or more adjacent citations.
    • Store credentials in the operating system keychain for more security on shared computers.
    • Connect automatically to newly opened Word documents and a few more fixes related related to opening and closing documents.
    • Fixed an error preventing adding and editing citations if there are special fields in the document (e.g. customized table of contents).
    • Fixed a bug when signing out during library syncing, and a few more optimization of the sign in process.
    • Fixed a bug when uploading to Google Docs from a network folder (e.g. OneDrive).
    • Various other bug fixes and optimizations.

December 2nd 2019

  • iOS and Android (private beta)
    • Quick acess to recently opened papers in "Recent" screen.
    • EZProxy support for off-campus file downloads.
    • Star, unstar, trash, untrash and delete references.
    • Faster opening of PDFs with many annotations (iOS).
    • Fix some stuck notification during PDF download (Android).
    • Fixed incorrectly displayed file size for some files.
    • Allow user to add labels and folders to references in search results.
    • Many more tweaks and bug fixes.

November 19th 2019

  • Paperpile for Word (private beta)
    • Improved bibliography generation and styling:
      • Use correct hanging indent size and fixed other paragraph styles of the bibliography.
      • Keep user changes to paragraph and font styles when the bibliography is updated.
      • Fixed a bug with bibliography styles affecting the preceding paragraph.
    • Fixed various issues with special characters causing the app to crash or resulting in search errors.
    • Allow special characters in names for backup files during conversion between document formats.
    • Fixed various issues with the conversion from Google Docs (extra empty lines and citations being duplicated in some citation styles).
    • Various other bug fixes and optimizations.

October 14th 2019

  • PDF Viewer
    • Improved loading times of PDFs with many annotations.
    • Added Markdown to annotation export option.
    • Allow users to easily Copy and Paste highlight annotations.
    • General bug fix and stability improvments.
  • Google Docs & Word Integration

September 24th 2019

  • Paperpile for Word (private beta)
    • Support for Windows. The windows version has the same feature set as the macOS version.
    • Updated the complete design with a more streamlined user interface
    • Convert from and to Google Docs.
    • Convert from other reference managers (Mendeley and Zotero).
    • Edit metadata of references directly without the web app (also offline).
    • Added sharing model for collaborative work. The reference is either stored in:
      • The library of the owner. It will always be up-to-date with the version from the library and only the owner can change it.
      • The library of a collaborator. Only the collaborator can edit.
      • Only in the Word document. Everyone can edit.
    • Change between those options easily in for various scenarios:
      • Take ownership of a collaborator's reference and replace it with a copy from your library (either an existing copy or the reference is imported).
      • Make quick changes specific to the document which do not affect the version in your library.
    • Support custom citation styles
    • Many fixes and small improvements

September 18th 2019

  • PDF Viewer
    • Fixed a bug where the new PDF Viewer stayed in offline mode.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented shared papers from being loaded for users in the beta program.

September 16th 2019

September 12th 2019

  • Google Docs Integration
  • PDF Viewer
    • Retired our old PDF viewer due to a recent bug in Chrome preventing the embedding of PDF files from extensions. PDFs are now displayed by the default Chrome PDF viewer. Alternatively, you can opt-in to our new viewer and annotator in Settings > Browser integration > PDF viewer.

September 5th 2019

  • iOS and Android (private beta)
    • New design of the app (work in progress)
    • New design and improvements of the "Share with Paperpile" dialog
    • Improved accuracy of automatic PDF downloads
    • Added automatic PDF downloads in the main app
    • Added "Browse for PDF" feature to the main app and the "Share with Paperpile" dialog
    • Replaced sync button with "Pull to refresh" (usually not needed as sync is automatic)
    • New placement and design of file sync progress (less obtrusive by default but with more details if needed)
    • Various performance improvements (up to 25% faster in certain situations on Android).
  • Google Docs Integration
    • Fix a problem of the Paperpile citation dialog after a recent Google Docs update.
  • Data export
    • Fix BibTeX, RIS, and CSV export for folders and labels with more than 500 items.
    • BibTeX: fix escaping of & signs in the howpublished field.
  • Data import

August 15th 2019

June 15th 2019

  • Google Docs Integration
    • Fix page-jump issue when canceling the in-text citation dialog.
  • PDF Viewer with annotations (beta)
    • Fixed sorting of annotation export for two-column PDFs.
    • Fixed clicking on search result for unloaded pages.

May 30th 2019

  • Google Docs Integration
  • Data import & export
    • Fixed metadata import for ACL Anthology.
    • Fixed BibTeX output for Standards.

May 16th 2019

  • General
    • Fix download of docx-files that were falsely identified as ZIP-files.
  • Google Docs Integration
  • PDF Viewer with annotations (beta)
    • Added option to export annotation summaries in various formats.
    • Decreased the overall memory footprint.
    • Various bug fixes and compatibility improvements.
  • Data import

May 10th 2019

  • iOS and Android (private beta)
    • Improve "Share with Paperpile" function for various Apps like Medium.
    • Make sure the detail view of a paper is always up-to-date including all changes made on other devices.
    • Prepare PDF downloads behind the scenes for use with EZProxy and custom website logins like IEEE (still working on the user interface, will be available with the next update).
    • Fix issue that did not show some PDFs in the main list even though they were available to download (Android).
    • Fix display of Polygon and Polyline PDF annotations (Android).
    • Fix problem with PDF annotations not being synced immediately to other devices or the Web PDF viewer (Android).
    • Import a PDF that is currently opened in Safari vie the "Share with Paperpile" function (automatic metadata recognition is in the works, iOS).
    • Better grouping of ink annotations that are close together (iOS).
    • Fix problem with PDF annotations not being synced immediately to other devices or the Web PDF viewer (iOS).
    • Fix a problem with switching between main list and details view via left swipe (iOS).
    • Many more small fixes and improvements.

March 25th 2019

February 28th 2019

  • Paperpile for Word (private beta for MacOS)
    • Improved speed of search results and citation insertion for documents with many citations.
    • Updated citation formatting engine to fix several issues with citation formats.
    • Search results from items in the document now also match on year.
    • Reset citation details (e.g. page) between multiple insertions of the same paper.
    • Finish inserting a citation with "Enter" also when citation details are shown.
    • Many behind-the-scenes adjustments in preparation of the upcoming Windows beta.
    • Various other bug fixes and optimizations.

February 25th 2019

  • iOS and Android (private beta)
    • Add "Share with Paperpile" option to add references and associated PDFs from any mobile browser.
    • Add customizations for PDF viewer (page layout and transitions, scroll direction, dark theme).
    • Open PDFs on the last viewed page
    • Keep screen active when viewing PDFs (Android).
    • Fix issue with annotations when screen was rotated (Android).
    • Many more small improvements to the PDF viewer.
    • Improve speed and stability of file downloads.
    • General stability updates and many bug fixes throughout the app.

February 20th 2019

  • General
    • Improvements to PDF file sync and Google Drive integration (for beta track users only):
      • Save files to Paperpile's servers before being synced to Google Drive.
      • Avoid situations where files could get lost in rare cases when users deleted local files before they were synced to Google Drive.
      • This change will allow users to add files via the iOS and Android apps (availaible in the next mobile release).

February 7th 2019

January 30th 2019

January 25th 2019

  • Google Docs Integration
    • Fix and adjust our plugin after the recent Material Design update of Google Docs.

January 15th 2019

  • Paperpile for Word (private beta for MacOS)
    • Cite your references from your Paperpile library in Microsoft Word.
    • Sync your complete library to your local computer and cite offline.
    • Access Paperpile via MacOS menu bar, Word “ribbon” tab, or a keyboard shortcut.

December 20th 2018

October 29th 2018

October 5th 2018

August 28th 2018

August 6th 2018

  • iOS and Android (private beta)
    • Fixed a bug that made sync fail when a reference was “auto-updated” in the webapp.
    • Avoid app crash when file download fails.
    • Fixed problem with folder/label dialog not showing check marks correctly.

August 2nd 2018

  • General
    • Restrict access to Google Docs reference pages: The overview page listing all references in a Google Doc can now only be accessed via the Paperpile menu ('View all references') or the sidebar add-on.
  • Paperpile for iOS and Android (private beta)
    • Access your library on your mobile device
      • View all your references and PDFs on phones and tablets
      • Navigate quickly using folders, labels and stars
      • Search for specific references
    • Organize your library
      • Add references to folders and labels (via toolbar button or swipe left gesture)
      • Manage folders and labels (create, rename, change color, remove)
    • Read and annotate PDFs
      • Read your papers in a fast PDF viewer optimized for mobile devices
      • Add comments
      • Highlight and underline text in multiple colors
      • Mark-up figures and tables with arrows, rectangles and oval shapes
      • Add text directly to the PDF
      • Draw and write anything on your PDF with the pencil tool
      • Full support for the Apple Pencil
      • Works together with our new PDF annotator for the web (also in beta)
    • Sync and Offline
      • Automatically sync all your data and PDF annotations across devices
      • Access all your references when offline
      • Choose which PDFs you store on your device
      • Set folders or labels as “offline” to download all PDFs automatically to your device
      • Clear PDF files from your device to save space.
  • Data import
  • Google Docs integration
  • PDF viewer (beta)
    • Various bug fixes and stability improvements including margin sizing for the page-width zoom and the Full Screen keyboard shortcut on macOS.

July 4th 2018

  • PDF viewer (beta)
    • Various bug fixes and stability improvements including page scrolling, keyboard shortcuts, rendering of uncommon and foreign characters, and free text annotations.
  • Data import
  • Google Docs integration

June 23th 2018

  • PDF viewer (beta)
    • This release is a complete rewrite of our PDF viewer that allows you to read and annotate your PDFs.
    • Completed the set of available annotation features:
      • Add commments ("Sticky notes")
      • Highlight
      • Underline
      • Strikethrough
      • Draw shapes and highlight figures: Pen, Rectangle, Circle, Arrow
      • Add text directly on PDF
    • Highlighted images are shown in the annotation list
    • Improved performance of PDF rendering and scrolling
    • Faster and more bandwith-efficient syncing of files and annotations.
    • Annotations sync seamlessly between Paperpile Web, Paperpile iOS, Paperpile Android in real-time
    • Support for annotations made by any standard compliant PDF editor (import/export).
    • Tested with:
      • Google Drive PDF Viewer
      • Adobe Acrobat Reader
      • Foxit
      • Chrome PDF Viewer
      • xodo
      • PDFExpert (MacOS)

June 18th 2018

May 7th 2018

March 26th 2018

  • Data export
    • Fixed file download problems on Chrome 65.
  • Data import
    • Updated metadata import and PDF download for various publishers and databases including Wiley Online Library.
  • Google Docs integration

March 15th 2018

February 26th 2018

  • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Better support of international (non-US) keyboards.
    • Use 'w' to open the website link of the selected reference.
    • Clear the current selection with 'Esc'.
  • General
    • Dragging text in the app will not longer open the file upload panel.
    • Fix behaviour of folder/label menu (don't close sub-menu when clicked).
    • Make sure background tasks (such as importing documents) do not interfere with other user actions.
  • Data model
    • Datasets: the repository name is now stored in the publisher field.
  • Data export
    • Added option to exclude affiliation in BibTeX export.
  • Data import
  • Google Docs integration

January 19th, 2018

  • General
    • Fixed incorrect list filtering caused by books with periods in their title.
    • Fixed a bug that caused inconsistent sorting of references in a bibliography when more than 40 references were selected from the library.
    • Updated the list of pre-configured EZProxy connections.
    • Improved selection of multiple entries in the library.
    • Labels are now alphabetically sorted in the drop-down menu in the toolbar.
    • Folders and Labels in drop-down menus no longer scroll to the top after selecting an entry.
    • Avoid creating multiple labels with the same name.
    • Fixed a bug with labels containing underscores.
  • Data model
    • Artwork: added a 'How published' field to store non-standard publishing methods.
    • Book: the ISBN field is now shown by default in the edit dialog.
    • Conference Paper: the abstract field is now shown by default in the edit dialog.
    • Computer Program: added a new 'System' field to record details about the OS.
    • Map: added 'Series' and 'How published' fields.
  • Data export
    • Correctly escape single quotes in BibTeX output.
  • Data import & export
  • Google Docs integration

November 22nd 2017

October 2nd 2017

September 8th 2017

  • General
    • Bibliographies generated in the Web App are now sorted according to the chosen citation style.
  • Google Docs integration
  • Data import & export

July 19th 2017

May 18th 2017

  • General
    • Fix problems with citation management in Google Docs for collaborators without a Paperpile account.
    • Fix communication problems of the Paperpile tab with the Chrome extension. This problem used to require a manual reload of the tab in some cases and is now handled automatically behind the scenes.

April 25th 2017

March 1st 2017

January 20th 2017

  • EZProxy integration
    • Improved EZProxy login detection.
    • Updated list of EZProxy connections.
    • Use proxy only for links to publisher sites and databases and not for links to general web pages, newspapers, or pure open access publishers.
  • Google Docs integration
  • Data import & export

December 10th 2016

November 10th 2016

  • PDF Viewer
    • Fix highlight issues in Chrome version 54. Thanks to all beta users who reported the problem.
  • Google Docs integration
  • Data import & export
    • Update data import from arXiv and INSPIRE HEP.
    • Improve PDF and RIS import from Papers 2.

October 19th 2016

  • General
    • Brand new version of our in-app support and feedback messenger.
  • Google Docs integration
    • The new citation style "American Psychological Association 6th edition (annotated bibliography with personal notes)" allows you to export your Paperpile notes as an annotated bibliography.
    • Add download buttons for custom styles that have previously been uploaded to Paperpile.
    • Fix a rare bug that would show a confusing error message when inserting citations.
    • Update all styles to the latest versions from the Citation Style Language (CSL) repository (22 new or changed styles).
  • Data import & export
    • Fix issue with retrieving bibliographic data from Google Scholar.
    • Include shared folder information in CSV export.

October 4th 2016

  • New feature: Manage and cite legal documents
  • Google Docs integration
  • BibTeX
    • Escape $ signs during export when they do not represent LaTeX mathematics environments (i.e "it costs $1000" vs. "$E = mc^2$").
  • Data import
    • Faster import of web sites and blogs (avoid redundant lookups in PubMed and Google Scholar).
    • Updated PDF import Springer books.
    • Fix issues with Google Scholar search in Paperpile and the Google Docs plugin.

September 19th 2016

  • General
    • Fix issue with PDFs not loading or Google Docs search bar hanging after sleep. This behaviour was caused by a bug (or feature?) introduced by Google in Chrome 53.

September 8th 2016

  • General
    • Fix issue with opening the details view panel in shared folders.
    • Fix issue with punctuation marks in search queries.
  • Google Docs integration
  • PDF Viewer
    • Fix issues causing PDF writing errors.
  • Data import
    • Updated meta-data and PDF import for many publishers including IEEE, Nature Publishing Group, Cell Press, Elsevier Journals, Taylor & Francis, and Springer.

August 3rd 2016

  • New Feature: CSV export
    • Export a folder, label or your complete library to a CSV file. You can import the CSV file to Excel or Google Sheets. This facilitates the analyis of data e.g. for systematic reviews.
    • Paperpile's CSV export feature
  • General
    • Fix issue with opening shared files for companies that have disabled "shared via link" in their Google Apps configuration.
  • Google Docs integration
    • Fix problem with custom citation styles in the sidebar add-on.
    • Added support for the following Paperpile fields in citation style (CSL) files: notes, keywords, and department.
    • Update all styles to the latest versions from the Citation Style Language (CSL) repository (62 new or changed styles).
  • PDF Viewer
    • Reload PDFs correctly when closed tabs are re-opened.

July 8th 2016

June 30th 2016

June 20th 2016

  • General
    • Improved EZProxy login. Fixes login problems with various institutions.
  • Google Docs integration
    • Fix problem citing duplicate items or items created by "Make a copy". Items automatically identified as duplicates by Paperpile can now be cited if flagged as "Not a duplicate" (Right hand panel > Filters > Duplicates).
    • Update all styles to the latest versions from the Citation Style Language repository (74 new or changed styles)
  • Data import
    • Improved support for Ovid SP and ACM Digital Library.
    • Improved EndNote import: Full support for ENW and EndNote XML files (in addition to RIS)
    • Fix problem that flagged PDFs as "Restricted" on Highwire platforms.

May 20th 2016

  • New Feature: Download PDFs off-campus through your library proxy
    • Paperpile now fully supports EZProxy connections to your university or library. With our list of 750+ pre-configured EZProxy connections, it is easy to get started. Go here here for instructions.
    • Paperpile's new EZProxy integration
  • Data model
    • Add fields "degree" and "advisor" for the reference type "Thesis".
    • Add fields "series" and "number" for the refernce type "Preprint manuscript".
  • Google Docs integration
  • Data import
    • Preserve italics on RIS import from EndNote Web. (Format > Export Reference > Export style: "RefMan (RIS) Export" > Preview & Print. Then save the web page e.g. as EndNoteWeb.ris and upload to Paperpile).
    • Fix problems with import of RIS files generated with RefWorks (really RefWorks, you are using MacOS 9 style line endings in 2016?)
    • Update RIS import for Interview, Personal Communication, Thesis, and Webpage entries.
    • Recognize "file" fields for PDF import from BibTeX files generated by Qiqqa.
    • Parse language field on import from PubMed.
    • Added meta-data import support for Engineering Village, Working Papers from the National Bureau of Economic Research, Open Library, and Research Ideas and Outcomes (RIO) journal.

Apr 11th 2016

Mar 25th 2016

  • New feature: Get stable links to papers in your library
    • It's now possible to cross-link your Paperpile library in other applications. Users who have suggested this feature use Paperpile together with Evernote, Trello or even Emacs Org mode to organize their data.
  • Google Docs integration
  • PDF viewer
    • Several small bug fixes and stability improvements for our new PDF viewer with annotations (still in beta but ready to test, activate it in Settings > Browser integration > PDF viewer)
  • Data import
    • BibTeX: Keep \emph{...} commands on import.
    • Use "file" and "sentelink" fields to automatically link PDFs on import from JabRef and Sente, respectively.
    • Added meta-data import for DeepDyve.
    • Updated meta-data import for Web of Science.
    • Updated meta-data import for EPrint Archives like White Rose Research Online.

Mar 5th 2016

  • General
    • Several small bug fixes for our integrated PDF annotator.
  • Data import

Feb 25th 2016

  • General
    • Beta release of our integrated PDF annotator.
    • Add an example of a citation with multiple authors to the citation style preview window.
  • Data import
    • Mendeley import: also import notes added by the user.
    • Paperpile import buttons for Pubmed on every results page.
    • Fix issue with Paperpile import buttons not showing in JSTOR results pages.
    • Updated meta-data/PDF import for Scopus, CORE, and Springer.
    • New support for UpToDate and biab online.

Jan 13th 2016

  • General
    • Indicate in the main list of the user's private library if a paper is in a shared folder.
    • Add option in Settings to disable automatic PDF downloads.
    • Don't allow creation of duplicate labels.
    • Do not mark an editorial as Incomplete even if the author is missing (which is common for editorials).
    • Fix input field for notes. It sporadically did not react to user input.
    • Fix error when label was created too fast using keyboard shortcuts.
    • Fix problem that prevented opening a PDF while changes were being synced to Google Drive.
    • Fix various minor problems with display and behaviour of the email input field in sharing dialogs.
    • Fix display issue with tooltips in labels list.
    • Site licenses: Fix missing screenshot and display of special characters in site-specific log-in page.
  • Google Docs integration
    • Always use Page as preselected default for citation details.
    • Update all styles to the latest versions from the Citation Style Language repository (183 new or changed styles).
    • Don't load plugin twice into a document when Chrome extension is updated.
    • Fix bug that caused the search box to hang when a paper had excessively many (>1000) authors.
    • Fix bug that made the citation dialog disappear in some cases when Suppress author was clicked.
    • Fix minor issue with language selection in citation style dialog.
    • Fix problem loading citation insert dialog on Chrome 49 (currently Dev channel).
  • Data import

Dec 14th 2015

  • General
    • We're hiring, check out our new jobs page.
    • Start of private beta of library proxy access (check our forum for details).
    • Improved citations of datasets with DOIs.
    • Faster generation of citations in the webapp.
    • Improved meta-tags in sharing pages leading to better display of sharing links in third party tools (e.g. Slack and Twitter).
  • Google Docs integration
    • Show warning for empty entries in bibliographies resulting from missing data fields.
    • Fix various issues in Google Docs add-on.
    • Update citation processing engine citeproc-js to version 1.1.63.
  • Data import

Nov 8th 2015

October 11th 2015

  • General
    • Usage reports for site license administrators.
    • Allow change from Preprint to Journal Article or Conference Paper reference types after auto-update.
  • Import
    • Update import from IEEEXplore.
    • Correctly import seasons in dates from PubMedXML.
    • Fix problem with Mendeley import seen on some rare screen sizes.

September 17th 2015

  • General
    • Fix problem with RIS export.
    • Make sure the filter list on the right is accessible and scrollable also for libraries with many different reference types.
  • Import
    • Fix problem with ResearchGate import.

September 13th 2015

  • Data model
    • We have extended our data model with 14 new reference types and new data fields. The update enables users from a variety of academic fields to correctly store and cite all different types of references. This update does not add complexity to Paperpile and for users who typically only cite journals and books nothing changes.
    • New types
      • Broadcast (TV broadcast, Radio broadcast)
      • Audio (Song, Concert, Podcast)
      • Video or Film (Video, Online Video, Film)
      • Figure (Image, Graph, Chart, Drawing, Photography)
      • Artwork (Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Calligraphy, Photography)
      • Map
      • Musical Score
      • Grant
      • Book or Film Review
      • Encyclopedia Article
      • Archival Material
      • Standard
      • Letter
      • Interview
    • Updated types
      • Thesis: new subtypes Bachelor's Thesis, Undergraduate Thesis, Habilitation
      • "Technical Report" was renamed to "Report"; new subtypes Technical Report, Government Report, White Paper, Guideline
      • Personal Communication: new subtypes E-mail, Letter, Conversation, Message
      • Computer Program: new subtypes Video game (yes, we know of people citing video games)
    • Added support for three new identifiers:
      • MR (Mathematical Reviews identifier)
      • Zbl (identifier in the Zentralblatt MATH database )
      • ISMN (international identifier for notated music)
    • More flexible date fields: added support for seasons (e.g. "Summer 2012") and arbitrary other date specifications (e.g. "13th century" or "2005-2006")
  • General
    • Added filter "Unsorted" for library items that have not been labeled or are not filed in a folder.
    • Improved search: terms with special characters can now be found using the ASCII equivalent (e.g. "Muller" will find "Müller" or "Guigo" will find "Guigó")
    • Allow users to set and update secondary links (e.g., links to datasets).
    • Show URLs in the main list for items of type "Website" when no website name is available
    • Change the design of remove button ("x") on labels and folders in the main list to avoid unexpected line-breaks.
    • Fix various display and line-break issues in the main list.
    • Fix an issue related to the "Copy" function that duplicates an existing library item.
    • PMID and DOIs in the main list can now be selected precisely via a double-click to make it easier to copy them to the clipboard.
    • Preserve user added italics and other markup of the title during auto-update.
  • Google Docs integration and citation formatting
    • Added localization options for citation styles. It's now possible to generate citations and bibliographies in other languages than English. All language specific terms are translated (e.g. "accessed", "and others", …) and typographical conventions like quotation marks are used correctly.
    • Sorting of bibliography items now handles names with special characters correctly.
    • Add periods to initials when a citation style requires it.
    • Show warning when a user tries to upload a custom CSL style that depends on another style.
    • Update all styles to the latest versions from the Citation Style Language repository (193 new or changed styles)
    • Google Docs sidebar add-on: Fix bug that caused search to hang for some queries.
    • Google Docs sidebar add-on: Fix citation problems when images or other non-text elements were selected.
  • Data import

July 12th 2015

  • Google Docs integration
    • Minor bug fixes in Google Docs add-on.
  • Data import
    • Fix notes import from RIS files.
    • Import from mobile version of PubMed.

June 18th 2015

  • General
    • Improved filtering for academic titles in author names.
  • Google Docs integration
    • Start of public beta of our new Google Docs add-on. It's available now for everyone for free in the Google Docs webstore.
    • Google Books support in Google Docs add-on.
  • Data import

May 21th 2015

  • General
    • Fix issue of disappearing menus on Chrome 43.

May 6th 2015

  • General
    • Include Google Books as default source in Paperpile's in-app online search box.
    • Add "Conference location" and "Conference date" as optional fields.
    • Update citation styles collection.
    • Fix bug that caused false positives in journal name normalization.
    • Fix various small display errors specific to Windows and Linux.
  • Google Docs integration
    • Major user interface update of the new Google Docs add-on (still in beta).
    • Quick Start Guide for Google Docs add-on.
    • Temporarily fix problems with data updates between a user's personal library and the version cited in a specific Google Document.
    • Fix bug that caused duplicate items in the bibliography if the bibliography was the very last element in the document.
  • Data import
    • Updated meta-data import for ERIC.
    • Meta-data import from library catalogues powered by "Innovative Interfaces" systems. Includes UC Riverside, Dartmouth College, Baylor University, and many more.
    • Fix data import from WorldCat.
    • Fix minor bugs in RIS import for reference types "Conference" and "Reports".
    • Improve import of references with organizations as authors from RIS files.

April 19th 2015

  • General
    • Labels:
      • Sort labels alphabetically.
      • "Pin" labels to the top of the list.
      • Remove labels directly from a reference without using the toolbar menu.
    • Improve efficiency for label/folder lookup in toolbar menu for libraries with many labels/folders.
    • Fix in in-app online search for queries with german umlauts.
    • Fix paper list filtering for journal and publisher names containing a '&' sign.
    • Increase resolution for various images for better quality on Retina displays.
    • Rename 'Copy' menu to 'Cite' making it easier to understand the purpose of this menu.
    • Improved efficiency of initial web app loading time for users outside of the US.
    • Reduced download size of Chrome extension by a third.
  • Google Docs integration
    • Fix links from Google Doc to the reference summary page so that references of the given citation are shown (i.e. not all references of the document).
    • Fix RIS and BibTeX export menu in the reference summary page of a Google Doc.
    • New beta for our new Google Docs add-on with new features:
      • Export document with LaTeX compatible citation codes.
      • Export document with EndNote compatible citation codes.
      • Create a clean copy of the document without Paperpile's citation links.
      • Unformat citations: revert formatted citations back to placeholders.
  • Data import

February 21st 2015

  • Improved sharing
    • Share papers on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.
    • Keyboard shortcut for email sharing.
    • Use paper title in subject line of sharing emails.
    • Sort subfolders correctly in web-view of shared folders.
    • Fix sharing for some Google Apps for Work installations with non-default sharing settings.
    • Ignore case of email addresses when inviting new users to shared folders.
  • Data import

February 1st 2015

  • General
    • Fix App↔Extension communication on Chrome 41 beta.
  • Data import
    • Improved Mendeley import:
      • Updated to the new API.
      • Import folder information within groups.
      • Better handling of duplicates.
    • Improved Zotero import: also import data from group libraries.
    • Added support for EBSCOhost.

January 24th 2015

  • General
    • Fix page loading issue on Chrome 41 (latest beta channel version).

January 19th 2015

  • General
    • Fix Elsevier import.

January 18th 2015

  • General
    • Allow 'Date accessed' as an optional field for all reference types.
    • Fix account activation problem when license keys were accidentally pasted with whitespaces.
  • BibTeX
    • Better automatic recognition of BibTeX formatted files.
    • Support of the non-standard field 'fjournal' on import.
    • Support of multiple ISSN and ISBN numbers on import and export.
    • Improved LaTeX to Unicode conversion.
  • Google Scholar import
    • Use meta-data from Google Scholar's BibTeX export if better than the data provided by the publisher's site.
    • Import 'citation' items, which are not linked to external documents.
    • Capture additional linked PDF files if the main document linked with an entry is not available.
  • General data import
    • Improved import for many publishers and journals including: Elsevier, The Lancet, WorldCat, BMC, PLOS, Wiley, Now Publishers, and JSTOR.
    • Added support for AMS MathSciNet and zbMATH.

December 8th 2014

November 19th 2014

October 18th 2014

  • General
    • Improved author name parsing.
    • Don't allow license change as long as another paid subscription is still active (e.g. when switching from personal to group license).
    • Fix "Save and next" and "Save and back" buttons in data edit dialog.
    • Fix problem importing papers from Google Scholar that link to non-PDF files (e.g. Word documents).
    • Fix bibliography copied to clipboard for styles with abstracts.
    • Fix bug that made it impossible to delete some URLs from an entry.
    • Various other small fixes and improvements.
  • Google Docs
    • Fix gradual performance degradation when large documents were edited for a long time.
    • Change citation insert keyboard shortcut to 'Alt-Shift-P' on ChromeOS (As of the latest ChromeOS release the old shortcut 'Ctrl-Shift-P' is already used as a system wide shortcut).
    • Fix bug that inserted empty lines after the bibliography.
  • BibTeX
    • Support parsing of BibTeX items that contains bold, italic or some math (super- and subscript) markup.
    • Transform unicode double quotes to correctly formatted LaTeX quotes in BibTeX output.
    • Transform unicode encoded greek letters to LaTeX in BibTeX output.
  • Data import

September 14th 2014

  • General
    • Our new community forum for support questions and feature requests is available at
    • Show link to the Library of Congress when LCCN is given.
    • Convert double quotes to typographically correct LaTeX quotes (``...'') during BibTeX export.
    • Show publication date field when editing meta-data for website references.
    • Fix some issues with editing of the URLs field.
    • Various other improvements and bug fixes.
  • Google Docs
    • Add support for short titles used in many citation styles (e.g. Chicago full note style).
    • Fix for styles that require bold and italic formatting at the same position (e.g. BMC Bioinformatics).
    • New option for better control to include/exclude DOIs and URLs from the bibliography. Learn more
    • New design of external reference pages that are linked to each Google Document.
    • Improved citation style preview including preview of in-text citations.
    • Support for annotated styles.
    • Support for some complex styles with unusal grouping of items by authors (e.g. American Anthropological Association).

August 24th 2014

  • General
    • Preserve user provided keywords when data is auto-updated
    • Fix bug that prevented BibTeX/RIS export of folders and labels with a "/" character in the name.
    • Fix BibTeX/RIS from Google Docs references overview page.
  • Google Docs
    • Show PubMed and PubMed Central IDs in the bibliography if the style requires it.
  • Data import

July 10th 2014

  • General
    • Various fixes for minor errors affecting some users.

July 6th 2014

Jun 21th 2014

  • General
    • Fix PDF downloads from Elsevier sites.

May 31th 2014

  • General
    • Fix import problems for very large RIS files.
    • Fix parsing of collective authors (e.g. "Human genome sequencing consortium") in meta-data dialog.
    • Improve author name parsing for various edge cases.
    • Get the correct publication date from PubMed for articles with multiple versions.
    • Correctly import umlauts encoded by the atypical "combining diaresis" unicode character (fixes BibTeX export of these special characters).
    • Correctly escape "#" and en- and em-dashes in all BibTeX fields.
    • Fix various bugs related to the notes panel.
  • Data export
    • Export your complete data in machine readable JSON format.
    • Add folders and labels for full library export in RIS and BibTeX formats.
    • RIS: Add path to attached files.
    • RIS: Improve output of notes.
    • BibTeX: add option to include file names of attached files.
    • BibTeX: add option to show full journal names instead of abbreviations.
    • BibTeX: export Paperpile's status field to BibTeX's note field (e.g. "in press").

April 12th 2014

March 22th 2014

February 23rd 2014

  • General
    • Several small bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • Data Import

February 9th 2014

  • New Features
    • Create a copy of a library item, e.g. to easily add multiple chapters of the same book without entering the common data multiple times.
    • Export references from a Google Document as RIS file.
  • General
    • New keyboard shortcut ('a') to show/hide file attachment panel.
    • Various improvements and bug fixes for adding notes.
    • Bug fixes for saving file attachments via the Chrome Paperpile menu and the hrome context menu.
    • Fix rare extension crashes caused by a bug in Chrome 32.
    • Fix note field in BibTeX export.
  • Data Import

January 16th 2014

  • General
    • Update citation style collection with new journal styles.
    • Improve startup speed for users with big libraries.
    • Stability improvements for PDF import.

January 4th 2014

  • New feature: Sharing
    • Quickly share a selection of papers via email or a web link.
    • Collaborate on shared folders with other Paperpile users.
    • Easily share with colleagues by importing your Gmail contacts (optional).
    • Check out our help page for full documentation of the new sharing features.
  • General
    • Support browser Forward/Back buttons when navigating within Paperpile.
    • Open PDF tab in background with 'Ctrl-Click' (to quickly open multiple PDFs without leaving Paperpile).
    • Add support for RIS format export.
    • Export an entire folder or label to BibTeX or RIS with a dedicated menu item.
    • BibTeX: Small fix for ArXiv IDs and optional output of LCCN.
    • BibTeX: Convert special characters in BibTeX keys to corresponding ASCII characters.
    • Fix rare server error for users with special characters in their Google Account name.
    • Various bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • Data import
  • Google Docs integration
    • Format citations within tables and footnotes (beta).
    • Bibliography formatting: add hanging indents, margins for numbered items, and correct spacing between entries.
    • Fix some issues with keyboard shortcuts mis-firing.
    • Various bug fixes and stability improvements.
    • Note: if your document is not formatting correctly, we can help! Contact us at

November 14th 2013

  • General
    • Limit length of file names in Google Drive to avoid issues with Google Drive client on Windows.
    • Fix error for users with wide unicode characters in their name.
    • Fix extension problems on latest version of Chrome OS.
    • Duplicates: Allow manual flagging of papers that are not duplicates.
    • Duplicates: Fix false positive duplicate assignments in Mendeley imports.
    • Duplicates: Fix bug in automatic duplicate merging that let the process hang under some rare circumstances.
  • Google Docs integration
    • Recognize non-standard Google Docs URLs.
    • Fix display problem of citation insert dialog.
  • Data import

October 27th 2013

  • General
    • Update citation styles (fixes title case issues for various styles).
    • Correctly import publisher place from books in RIS files.
    • Improve Google Drive syncing for extremely large libraries.
    • Add support for latest Chromium version 29 on Ubuntu 13.10.

October 13th 2013

  • General
    • Support links to Evernote
    • Following user requests, we now also accept payments via PayPal.
    • Fix signup problem for users with special characters in their Google Account name.
    • Fix some problems with parsing and display of names with prepositions like "van Leeuwen"
    • Add a troubleshooting page with tips to solve some commonly encountered problems.
    • Improvements to BibTeX output of special characters
    • Various bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Google Docs integration
    • Fix a problem with images being displayed incorrectly in documents formatted with Paperpile.
    • Improve feedback given when document formatting errors occur.
    • Fix various bibliography formatting problems.
  • Data import

October 4th 2013

  • General
    • Fix issue with RIS import affecting some users.

October 1st 2013

  • General
    • Public release of Paperpile. We thank all our beta-testers who helped us with their continuous feedback over the past few months.

September 23rd 2013

  • General
    • Sorting libraries by Author, Journal, Title and Date
    • Support for additional ArXiv and INSPIRE specific fields in BibTeX (eprint, archivePrefix, primaryClass)
    • New messaging system to send support requests directly from Paperpile
    • New guide for migrating from EndNote
    • Various bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Data import
    • Full support for INSPIRE (High Energy Physics information system)
    • Import from Figshare
    • Import articles and PDFs directly from Google Search
    • Bug fixes and improvements for RIS, Google Patents and Amazon import
    • Import Gmail PDF attachments using the browser button
    • Bug fixes to Zotero import

September 9th 2013

  • General
    • Added FAQs, Tutorials and guides at
    • Mendeley import: support of shared groups
    • Search improvements: search items via identifiers like DOIs, PMIDs and ISBNs also in your local library.
    • Search improvements: search phrases with special characters like "mir*" or "Poly(A)".
    • Search improvements: search for author names with prepositions like "van Leeuwen" either with or without the preposition.
    • Improved import for RIS files from EndNote.
    • BibTeX: corrected output for technical reports.
    • Bug fix: Correctly update folder location and file name in Google Drive when metadata of references changes.
    • Bug fix: Fixed a bug that in rare cases made papers disappear right after being added via the Chrome extension menu.
    • Bug fix: Auto-complete of many papers got stuck in some cases.
    • Many more small fixes and improvements
  • Google Docs Integration
    • Added FAQ and documentation.
    • Improved collaborative editing: Added link in Paperpile menu to shared page with all references of a document of all co-authors.
    • Improved collaborative editing: Add references added by another author to your own library.
    • Create a plain copy of a document with citation markup removed.
    • Export all references of a document as BibTeX.
    • Fix several problems that caused formatting errors.

August 26th 2013

  • General
    • Unstar/Star multiple papers at once
    • Several new supported publisher sites for automated PDF download
    • More robust syncing and adaption to recent updates of Google Drive.
    • Fix copy to clipboard on Linux and Windows
    • More stability improvements for Google Docs integration.

August 10th 2013

  • General
    • Update/fix Google Docs integration: Works now with Business/Education and consumer accounts.

July 19th 2013

  • General
    • Automatically fix journal names and add correct abbreviations for more than 30,000 journals (including all journals in PubMed)
    • Download PDFs directly from Google Patents
    • Quickly filter items that don't have a PDF
    • More detailed upload progress for individual files during Google Drive sync
    • Avoid accidental import of the same bibliography twice
    • Import fixes from Amazon, IEEE, Zotero and other sources
    • Correctly import text with ligatures from PDFs
    • Support for ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 in book search
    • Many more small fixes and improvements
  • Google Docs Integration
    • Cite papers in Google Docs and automatically generate bibliographies in thousands of different styles (via
  • BibTeX
    • Support @string macros during import
    • Fix umlaut encoding in BibTeX output

June 27th 2013

  • General
    • Support lookup of books by ISBN
    • More robust interface to add notes to papers
    • Faster listing of duplicate papers
    • Improved PDF parsing and various bug fixes throughout the application

June 14th 2013

  • General
    • Faster loading of papers in very large libraries
    • Better handling of items with incomplete metadata: items are marked and a menu is shown that helps to fix the issue
    • Duplicates: Automatically merge duplicate items
    • Better display and import for patents
    • Fix display issues with long URLs in the papers list
    • E-mail links to corresponding author in details view
    • Many small bug fixes and enhancements throughout the application
  • PDF import
    • Improved recognition of volume and issue number in PDFs
    • Improved parsing of XMP metadata in PDFs
    • Fixed import for various problematic PDFs that made the import queue hang
    • Smarter matching of imported PDFs to existing items in the library (fixes import of papers with JSTOR title page)
    • Ignore OS X metadata files
  • BibTeX
    • Fix escaping of umlaut characters in BibTeX export.
    • Allow users to set a custom BibTeX key in the "Edit" dialog.
    • Improved "smart caps" escaping of acronyms
    • Limit line length to 80 characters in BibTeX output

May 10th 2013

  • General
    • Many new Gmail-like keyboard shortcuts (hit '?' for a complete list)
    • Improved progress indicators when trashing or labeling many items
    • Improve display of books and conferences
    • Clean special characters in GDrive file names to avoid problems on Windows
    • Fix problem with multiple clients syncing to Google Drive at the same time
    • Expand short page numbers imported from PubMed (e.g. 100-2 => 100-102)
    • Many small bug fixes and enhancements throughout the application
  • PDF import
    • Don't re-import duplicate files
    • Match imported PDFs to already existing items in the library
    • Improve metadata recognition in PDF files
    • Clearer progress information during PDF imports

April 22nd 2013

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