Migrating EndNote citations

You can convert any MS Word document written with EndNote to Paperpile in three simple steps.

Tip: Import your whole EndNote library to Paperpile before conversion. That way we can automatically connect the converted citations with your library and keep them in sync.

Visit our migration guide for tips on how to do so.

Download and install the Paperpile style for EndNote

ENS Paperpile EndNote style for conversion (Paperpile.ens)

  1. Download the Paperpile.ens style file.
  2. Double-click it, it should open in EndNote.
  3. In EndNote follow the instructions and save the Paperpile style file via File > Save As... and click Save.

Prepare your Word document with EndNote citations for conversion

  1. Open you document, go to the EndNote X9 > Style: and select the Paperpile style. If you can't see it in the short list, use Style: > Select another style... to find it.
  2. Click Update Citations and Bibliography.

Convert to Paperpile citations

  1. In Word, select Paperpile > Settings and Tools > Convert from > EndNote.
  2. A confirmation box will appear. Click Convert to convert your EndNote citations to Paperpile citations and wait for the conversion to finish.

    Recommended: Check the Save backup option to back up your document in case something goes wrong during the conversion.

Tip: Use the same citation style you had in your original EndNote document. Unfortunately, we can not convert the citation style and always use your default style. Go to Paperpile > Settings and Tools > Citation style... and search for your style after the conversion is done.

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