Migrate from Citavi

Import your existing Citavi 5 and Citavi 6 libraries directly into Paperpile following the steps below.

  1. Open Citavi and create a backup of your project. You will find this option in the File menu.
  2. Locate the backup on your computer. It's a file with the file ending with ctv5bak or ctv6bak. The backup file is actually a zip file. In order to extract it, replace the Citavi file ending with zip.
  3. Once the zip file is extracted, you should see ctv5 or ctv6 files. These files can directly be uploaded to Paperpile.
  4. Back in Paperpile, open the menu, choose Upload Files and add the extracted ctv5 or ctv6 files to the upload dialog. Click Start upload to begin.

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