In times of a global pandemic, when the world is fighting a common threat against the clock, cooperation in the scientific community is more important than ever. At some point in the (hopefully) near future, we will have medications and vaccines to combat the virus. And this will be thanks to thousands of scientists working tirelessly around the clock to find a cure.

To help them with their strenuous task, more and more publishers and academic databases have decided to make the research related to COVID-19 freely available to anyone. Some go even further and are making their entire database freely available for a limited period of time.

Publishers recognize their role in the crisis and make COVID-19 content open access

Removing all obstacles to getting access to all information available on COVID-19 is the obvious and right thing to do in this situation. All publishers who recognized their important role in this crisis and reacted immediately deserve credit.

We have put together a list of more than 30 free resources during the pandemic, and we'll update the list on a regular basis. Feel free to leave a comment if you would like us to add a source to the list.

We leave the obvious follow-up question for later: If open access is critical in times of crisis, why is closed access and paywalls the better approach when researchers are fighting everyday crises like cancer, Alzheimer's disease, or climate change?

NameCoverageValid until

Whole database (~ 4 Mio)

June 30, 2020


Collection of articles on Coronavirus research


Collection of articles on infectious diseases, epidemics, computational epidemiology, and pandemics

March 31, 2021


Coronavirus hub with articles and resources on COVID-10 freely available


Books and articles on topics such as public health, distance learning, crisis research

Cambridge University Press

Free access collection (currently 246 articles on April 14)

Cell Press

Hub page with content about the outbreak as it appears in Cell Press journals


Collection of resources around the Coronavirus

Cochrane Library

Special Collections, reviews, prioritized updates, COVID-19 Study Register, and other resources


All relevant content on COVID-19 on the Dimensions platform is freely available and can be downloaded. As of April 14 more than 12,000 publications, clinical trials and policy documents

Duke University Press

Selection of books to be read for free online until June 2020, journal articles free until October 2020

June 1, 2020


Free Coronavirus information center including guidelines for clinicians and patients, ~ 20,000 related articles free to access on ScienceDirect


Expert briefings, journal articles, and book chapters related to Coronavirus and the management of epidemics

December 31, 2020


Whole database

June 30, 2020


A collection of COVID-19 related articles is completely free to access for the duration of the crisis

IOP Publishing

All relevant published and forthcoming articles in their journals will be made immediately available to PubMed Central (PMC) throughout the duration of the crisis


COVID-19 collection with interviews, videos and interactive map

Johns Hopkins

News and information to help advance the understanding of the virus, inform the public, and brief policymakers


Expanded free access for participating institutions & selected journal articles related to COVID-19 free for everyone

June 30, 2020

McGraw-Hill Medical

24+ entries on AccessMedicine COVID-19 Central to help teaching and learning online and to share the latest information on the COVID-19 global pandemic

Microbiology Society

All journal content

MIT Press

Selected free articles on pandemics, epidemiology, and other relevant subjects


COVID-19 related scholarly content


Free access to Ovid Discovery

Oxford University Press

Free access to OUP resources on Coronavirus and related topics


150+ articles spanning science, technology, and medicine and in the social and behavioral sciences

Semantic Scholar

Free COVID-19 Open Research Dataset, a free resource of over 51,000 scholarly articles, including over 40,000 with full text, about COVID-19 and the Coronavirus family of viruses

Springer Nature

Free to access journal articles, books and additional commentary on the Coronavirus

The Lancet

COVID-19 resource center with free content from across the Lancet journals as it is published

The New England Journal of Medicine

A collection of articles and other resources on the Coronavirus outbreak, including clinical reports, management guidelines, and commentary


All of their COVID-19 and Coronavirus-related research and publications are freely available


More than 5,300 Coronavirus-related articles and book chapters


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