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Overheard on Twitter

Patrick Fogarty


Today is my one year anniversary as a @paperpile user. Words cannot express how much you've meant to me. Here's to many more years together.

Shefali Christopher


After EndNote lost hours of my work @paperpile saved my PhD.



I really, really love @paperpile - tried a lot of things and it was by far the best

Michael Wood


Feeling blue? Delete your citation manager and get @paperpile. You'll feel better.

Ben Goldacre


God every day I should tweet how much I love @paperpile

Michael Wangler


In one afternoon I changed my entire academic writing process. [...] I cannot say enough about how easy and fantastic this citation manager is!

Raul Ramos


I never used a citation manager before, but @paperpile has won me over. Why? Because I actually keep coming back to it and curating my collection of literature.

Heather Macomber


@paperpile is superior in basically every respect, especially if Google-made stuff is how you organize your life (Chrome, Google Docs/Sheets, etc.)

Joel Topf, MD FACP


I've been using @paperpile for 10 minutes and I'm in love. Where have you been all my life!

Alex Peltzer


How come I didn't find @paperpile earlier? This is the first citation manager really doing what it should and hassle free.

Niko Hensley


@paperpile = now making references the easiest part of a PhD, not the hardest #truelove

Austin Johnson


I have seen the future of managing the eight million PDFs buried in my hard drive, and it is @paperpile. So so good.

Dr. Emily Jane Dennis


@paperpile has made writing my thesis 23092384x easier. Long live paperpile.

Maggi Kelly


Paperpile, Paperpile, Paperpile. So hooked.

Alex Holehouse


Sometimes I remember there are people who don't use @paperpile for all things paper-related and I wonder how they get things done.

Patrick Mineault


Really impressed with Paperpile - citation manager with Docs, Scholar integration. PDF scraping is second to none.

Matt Lee


@paperpile with Google Docs. Magic.

Anna Muldoon


I'm pretty sure I've reached the point where @paperpile is basically my functional memory and it just has to be open at all times for me to know what I'm doing.

Lorenzo Fabbri


First few minutes with iOS beta of @paperpile I already know I'm gonna love it. Clean interface, FULL goddamn sync, no non-sense functionalities.

All your papers in one place. Nice and tidy.