I have multiple Google accounts

Note: A new version of Paperpile is coming in summer 2024. Please visit our temporary new Help Center until these pages are updated.

Here are some tips if you have two or more Google accounts (for example a private and work account).

  • You can only sign-up to Paperpile with one Google account at a time. Think about which account you want to use before you sign-up.
  • We strongly recommend you use separate Chrome profiles for your Google accounts. That keeps things separate and avoids some confusion not just when using Paperpile.
  • Paperpile will only sync files to the Google Drive of the account you have signed up with.
  • You can only use the Google Docs plugin with the same Google account from which you signed up to Paperpile. If you have documents in your other Google accounts, share and edit them with your Paperpile-linked account.
  • If you are signed in to multiple Google accounts in the same Chrome profile at the same time it can happen in rare cases that the authentication of the Google Docs plugin will fail and you are asked repeatedly to authorize the plugin. In that case sign out of all Google accounts, sign-in with the Paperpile linked account to Google Docs and authorize the Google Docs plugin (run Paperpile > Format citations). You can then sign in with other Google accounts to other services again.

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