Import data from any program via RIS or BibTeX files

If your reference manager supports exporting to either Bibtex or RIS format, you can import your existing library into Paperpile.

Open the menu and choose the Upload Files function. If you cannot export your library to a standard format, Paperpile may be able to extract metadata from your PDFs themselves - see Import unorganized PDFs from your computer

Supported Filetypes

If you try to import a file with a filetype not supported by Paperpile, it will not be included in the upload. A warning will be shown whenever an unsupported file is encountered.

Paperpile can import references from the following file types:

  • BibTeX (.bib)
  • RIS (.ris or .txt)
  • PDF (.pdf)
  • NBIB (.nbib)
  • EndNote files (.enw or .xml)

If you are trying to upload a BibTeX or RIS file that does not have a file extension, please rename the file with an appropriate extension to allow it to be recognized (e.g. rename "MyLibrary" to "MyLibrary.ris").

Note: although Paperpile only supports certain filetypes for import, you can attach any type of file to a paper in your library. Click the attachments tab, then choose "Attach supplementary PDF or other files" and browse for the file to attach.

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