Getting started with the Paperpile Web App

Note: A new version of Paperpile is coming in summer 2024. Please visit our temporary new Help Center until these pages are updated.

Welcome to Paperpile 👋.

Once you have signed up at with your Google account and installed the Chrome extension, you are ready to go. Here is a quick intro to get you started.

If you already have a library from Mendeley, EndNote, or any other software, see our Migration Guides

Find and collect papers

First thing's first — you'll want to add some papers to your new library. Paperpile make this easy with three ways to find and add articles from the web:

  • Click   to search online directly from Paperpile or upload PDFs from your hard drive.

    Tip: to quickly upload PDFs, just drag and drop from your file manager into the Paperpile window.

  • Use your browser to search for articles on Google ScholarPubMed or ArXiv and click the import buttons:
  • Click the Paperpile button  in your browser toolbar to import from hundreds of supported publishers' sites. A green arrow appears on the button when you're viewing a supported site (For an example visit

Get organized

Next, add some folders and labels to help keep things tidy. Click in the left panel to add a new folders and labels.

Drag a paper into a folder or on a label using the drag handle on the left side of the paper, or use the toolbar buttons to organize many papers at once:

Cite, copy, paste

You can quickly copy and paste formatted citations using the Cite button in the toolbar:

Choose between copying the plain citation string or the BibTeX data when you write in LaTeX/BibTeX.

What's next?

Where to go from here? You can learn about some of Paperpile's unique features in our other guides:

Still have questions?

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