Where are is my data stored? Is it safe? Can I get it out again?

Here are a few important points how we save and secure your data:

  • Your library data (references, folders, labels,...) is saved on our servers. At all times, your data is replicated across multiple data-centers and backed up.
  • The files you upload to Paperpile are also saved on our servers and are backed up. You can choose to sync those files to your Google Drive. So you have complete control over those files. For example, you can sync all of them to your local hard disk.
  • Some files are also stored locally within Chrome. This allows you to quickly view your files without re-downloading them every time. You can delete those files safely with Settings > Storage and Sync > Local File Storage > Clean up local files
  • You can export your library using in industry standard file formats BibTeX or RIS or export your data as a machine readable JSON format (Settings > Export)

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