Writing your thesis

Thesis conclusion tips

5 tips for writing your thesis conclusion

A good conclusion is crucial to the success of your thesis or dissertation. Read our 5 tips for an outstanding thesis conclusion.

How long should a thesis statement be

How long are thesis statements? [with examples]

Not sure how long a thesis statement should be? This guide on thesis statement lengths will prepare you to write a solid thesis statement of an acceptable length.

Thesis data collection tips

How to collect data for your thesis [Update 2024]

Unsure how to gather data for your thesis? We will guide you through the first steps of collecting theoretical and empirical data for your thesis.

How to come up with a topic for your thesis

The time has come for you to choose a thesis topic? Don't get lost. With the help of our guide you will find a topic for your thesis in the blink of an eye.

Thesis defence

How to prepare an excellent thesis defense [6 tips]

What is a thesis defense and how do you prepare for it the best way? This guide discusses what a thesis defense is and offers 6 tips for how to prepare.

Tips for proofreading your thesis

How to proofread your thesis [7 tips]

Explore 7 tips for how to proofread a thesis. Follow this guide to submit your thesis with confidence.

How to structure a thesis

You may have many questions when you start your thesis. How do you structure it? What information should the individual chapters contain? Here's an overview of thesis structure and how to actually start your thesis.

How to write a good thesis introduction

Getting started with your thesis can feel intimidating. There is no single way to write an introduction that will always work for every topic, but this guide helps you cover all the important points.

Thesis statement

How to write a thesis statement + Examples

How do you write a good thesis statement? Learn all you need to know about thesis statements in our guide with examples.

Tips for writing thesis conclusion

How to write an excellent thesis conclusion [with examples]

The conclusion is the last thing readers of your thesis will see, so it should be memorable. Learn how to write a truly excellent thesis conclusion in this step-by-step guide with examples.

The perfect thesis topic: 5 questions you need to ask

Not sure if you’ve chosen a good topic for your thesis? In this guide we feature key questions and criteria that can help you determine if your thesis topic is solid.

What is a thesis statement? [with example]

Not sure what a thesis statement is? In this guide, we explore the definition and purpose of a thesis statement and highlight thesis examples and tips.

Writing dissertation acknowledgments: What you need to know [with examples]

Are you wondering how to write your dissertation acknowledgments and who to thank? This guide with examples will answer all of your questions!