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All your papers in one place. Simple, efficient and beautiful.

Get organized

Keeping a library with thousands of papers organized can be daunting. With Paperpile as reference manager it's easy (and fun).

Add hierarchy to your library with folders. Put every paper in the right folder to quickly find it again.

Group papers visually with colored labels and use them as powerful filters.

Manage references with drag-and-drop

Find the right paper. Fast.

Search even large libraries with tens of thousands of papers instantaneously.

Search for keywords, authors, journal or publication year and find a paper quickly when you need it.

Search papers in youre library

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Store and cite everything

Paperpile makes it easy to manage journal articles, books and conference papers.

But you can also store news articles, websites, preprints, presentations, patents, computer programs and everything else you ever need to cite.

Paperpile is a reference management solution that has got you covered: more than 30 reference types and 86 subtypes provide all the relevant meta-data fields to generate accurate citations of all your material.

Different reference types

Save time with keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for all major tasks let you manage your references faster than ever.

Learn them once and save time every time you use Paperpile.

Efficient reference management with keyboard shortcuts

Keep your library clean and accurate

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