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Finally a reference manager for Google Docs. Simple, correct, fast and fully collaborative.

Citations plug-in for Google Docs

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a Google Doc and you are ready to go

Cite as fast as you can write

Look up references from your library or online databases. Compile in-text citations with one or multiple references.

Tweak your citations with additional options like page or chapter numbers.

All in a simple but powerful citation dialog.

Insert citations into Google Doc

Choose a style and submit with confidence

Format your citations and bibliography in any major citation style like APA, MLA, Chicago or in one of thousands of journal-specific styles.

Need a style with special requirements? Upload and use your own customized citation style.

Choose citation style

Get every detail correct

True collaborative reference management

Edit your documents together in real time. Everyone can add and edit citations.

  • Just share your document and ask your co-authors to install the free Google Docs sidebar add-on.
  • It's free, no Paperpile account or subscription is required and works in every browser.
  • No emailing of documents, clunky desktop software to download, version conflicts or broken references.
Google Docs citation add-on

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