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Search millions of journal articles in seconds and save the ones you need for your research. Paperpile is a web-based reference manager that allows you to easily find, organize, and cite research papers.

Modern AI tools

Smart and efficient UI

Paperpile’s ChatGPT plugin links directly to the journal article or preprint. Never worry if the answer to your question is inaccurate.

Search reputable databases

Smart and efficient UI

Have confidence in your sources. Paperpile’s ChatGPT plugin accesses trustworthy academic search engines and databases like PubMed, Semantic Scholar, and Crossref so you have millions of papers at your fingertips.

A place for all your papers

Smart and efficient UI

No more open tabs in your browser. Store research papers as you find them in Paperpile, and create your own library of papers.

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Stay organized

Never forget where information comes from. Use folders and labels to organize your papers by project and topic.

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Read and annotate PDFs

Highlight and annotate your PDFs

Read, highlight, and make notes on your PDFs in the web app and on mobile devices with Paperpile’s PDF viewer.

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Access your research wherever you go

Research papers on Google Drive and Android

Your research workflow is never interrupted. Paperpile is available for web, iOS, and Android.

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Collect references easily

 Browser extension for CHrome, Safari, and Firefox

Paperpile’s Chrome extension allows you to save references from websites, search engines, and databases with one click.

Create accurate citations

Citations in Google Docs

Create in-text citations and bibliographies without fuss in MS Word and Google Docs.

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