ISBN to APA converter

ISBN to APA converter

Do you have ISBN numbers, which you want to convert to APA citations? Just upload or paste your ISBN numbers below and click Convert.


How to convert ISBN numbers to APA citations online

Follow these easy steps to turn ISBN numbers into APA citations with the Paperpile format converter:

  1. Click the Choose ISBN file button above, drag and drop a file into the drop zone or copy and paste the content of your ISBN numbers into the area above.
  2. Select the desired output format (APA).
  3. Click Convert.
  4. Download your new APA citations.

Frequently Asked Questions about our bibliographic format converter

How does the Paperpile ISBN to APA converter work?

The ISBN to APA online converter uses the same technology that powers the Paperpile reference management app. Your input is parsed, matched against Paperpile's own bibliographic database, and finally converted to your format of choice. All input and output data is deleted 24h after job completion.

What is an ISBN?

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number which is an identifier for text-based monographic publications e.g. books, individual sections (such as chapters) of books, periodicals, or serials made available separately. An ISBN is typically 13 digits in length and identifies the registrant as well as the specific title, edition, and format.

What is a reference list in APA style?

The APA referencing style consists of a set of styling rules used by the American Psychological Association since 1929 to present written text clearly and consistently. APA style involves using a title page, sans serif or serif fonts, double spacing, one-inch margins, and page numbers. APA style also mandates placing in-text citations in author-year format e.g. (Abdullah, 2021), and a reference list starting on a new page. The most current version is the 7th edition of the APA Publication Manual.