Does Google have a reference manager?

Google Scholar provides some basic reference management features that can help you organize your academic resources to a certain extent.

In Google Scholar, you can create a personal library where you can save and organize articles, papers, and other scholarly materials. While it doesn't provide the same level of citation management and document integration as dedicated reference managers, it can still be useful for keeping track of your research materials.

However, if you require advanced citation formatting, document integration, and collaboration features, you might consider using a dedicated reference manager alongside Google Scholar.

Paperpile is a reference manager created specifically for Google and the Google apps ecosystem:

Paperpile reference manager

Paperpile is a full-featured reference manager built for Chrome and Google Apps allowing you to:

“One place to organize all the PDF documents including scientific papers and books. Being able to access them through Google Drive is a game changer.” —Research Scientist, Boston Dynamics AI Institute

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Does Google have a reference manager?

Google did not develop its own reference manager, but there is a reference manager created specifically for Google and the Google apps ecosystem - Paperpile.

Does Paperpile integrate with Google?

Paperpile is a reference manager built specifically for Chrome and the Google apps ecosystem. It allows you to sign in securely with Google, download and sync PDFs directly to your Google Drive, and cite directly in Google Docs.

Why should I use Paperpile?

Paperpile is a fast and easy-to-use reference manager. It allows you to collect, organize, and cite your references wherever you are. With Paperpile, you can sync your PDFs to Google Drive, read and annotate them on mobile apps, and cite your papers in Google Docs and Microsoft Word. Try Paperpile with a 30-day free trial (no credit card needed).