Justus-Liebig-Uni Giessen (JLU Giessen) EZProxy

Quickly access resources off-campus through the Justus-Liebig-Uni Giessen proxy.

Or use this URL directly: http://ezproxy.uni-giessen.de/login?url= 

Proxy Bookmarklet

Whenever you are on a site that requires licensed access, click on the "Justus-Liebig-Uni Giessen proxy" bookmarklet. You will be asked to login, and then redirected to the "proxified" version of the site.

What is EZproxy?

Operating as a web proxy server, EZproxy provides authorized users—students, faculty, and staff—with the ability to remotely connect to the university's digital resources from any global location. When using EZproxy, you can access these resources in the same way as on-campus access, ensuring that important information is readily available, whether you're studying in your home, carrying out research in a coffee shop, or journeying to foreign destinations.

Why use EZproxy?

A significant portion of the university's electronic resources are confined to on-campus access because of license arrangements with publishers and content providers. EZproxy facilitates off-campus access to these resources by validating your university identification and presenting your request as if it were originating from an on-campus IP address.

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