How to use Paperpile with Overleaf

This feature is in beta. To activate it, go to Settings > Feature Preview and activate Automatic BibTeX export. Learn more

You can sync references to an Overleaf project so they update automatically when adding or editing in Paperpile. Option Workflows and Integrations appears in the library menu after opting in to beta:

How to export BibTeX files automatically: screenshot

After that -

  1. Click + Add under Overleaf Integration,
  2. Select a source. Specific folders, labels or the whole library can be synced.
  3. Hit Finish
  4. Copy the resulting link to add in Overleaf
How to use Paperpile with Overleaf: screenshot

This is a private link to a live BibTeX of the selected source in Paperpile, so any references modified there will always stay up-to-date in your project.

In Overleaf

  1. Add a new file
  2. Select From External URL
  3. Paste the link in the first field
  4. Change the name of the file if needed
  5. Hit Create
How to use Paperpile with Overleaf: screenshot

Make sure to include the BibTeX file in your LaTeX document, then start adding citations.

*Tip: You can add the Paperpile generated BibTeX file in addition to an existing BibTeX file, just add multiple BibTeX file in your LaTeX document as: \bibliography{references, paperpile}*

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