Paperpile authenticates securely with your Google Account. Our servers never access your password or store it anywhere.

It also connects to your Google Drive, but cannot access your personal data — only files you upload via Paperpile.

And of course, we won't share your e-mail address with anyone.

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New: Paperpile for iOS, Android, Word

Built for Chrome and Google Apps

Optimized for Google Apps

Integrate your reference management into the Google Apps ecosystem used by thousands of researchers every day.

  • Sign-in securely with Google
  • Collect your references with the Chrome extension
  • Organize your PDFs in Google Drive
  • Cite your references in Google Docs

Get organized with Paperpile’s smart and intuitive interface

Web-based reference manager

Organize your papers with folders, labels and stars. Search your library in real-time or quickly look up a paper online.

Automatically fix references with incomplete data and clean up duplicates. Always keep your library organized and clean. Effortlessly.

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Your browser optimized for research

Chrome extension for research

Doing your literature review online? Paperpile is there when you need it. Import data directly from Google Scholar, PubMed, ArXiv and thousands of supported publisher sites.

Use the Paperpile button to save a reference, PDF or a supplementary data file.

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Your PDF collection always available on all devices

Research papers on Google Drive and Android

Download PDFs with one click and sync them directly to your Google Drive. Your files are available immediately on all your devices. Fast and reliable.

No arbitrary storage size limitations. Google Drive provides enough storage for even the largest libraries.

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Highlight and comment on your PDFs

PDF annotations

Highlight the important parts of your papers in different colors. Add comments right where they belong.

Print beautiful summaries of your highlights and notes.

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Share papers with your colleagues

Share papers

Create shared folders and build a your library together.

Use private sharing links to share with everyone not just Paperpile users. Email important papers directly to your Gmail contacts.

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Finally, reference management for Google Docs

Citations in Google Docs

Google Docs makes it easy to collaborate with your colleagues on a paper. With Paperpile you now can also manage your references collaboratively.

No emailing of documents, clunky desktop software, version conflicts and broken references — it just works.

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All your papers in one place. Nice and tidy.